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Our 3 locations in Las Vegas, Reno & Henderson offers a wide variety of different pre-rolls for our customers. Come by or contact us our knowledgeable staff to help you pick the right pre-roll for you.

Pre-Rolled Joints Nevada

Kimbo Kush, Pink, Rug Burn OG, 9lb Hammer, Double Dream Infused, and Nighttime Preroll Tins

Highest Quality Pre-Rolled Cannabis in Nevada

The joint is perhaps the most iconic of all cannabis products. It is cheap, disposable, relaxing, enjoyable, and easily shared by a group of friends. The problem with joints is, unless you have nimble fingers and time to practice, rolling one up is often easier said than done.


That’s where pre-rolls come in!


But pre-rolls have gotten a bad rap in the cannabis community. When you purchase from non-regulated sellers, pre-rolls often come in poor shape and with even worse quality cannabis. Some would say they aren’t even worth smoking.


But when medical and recreational cannabis distributors began popping up across the nation, things started to change. Here at The Dispensary NV, our pre-rolls are a testament that these ready-made joints can be high-quality products. Stop by one of our three Nevada locations to find out for yourself!

When you buy pre-rolls from The Dispensary NV, you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality lab tested cannabis in a neat package. These products are easy to enjoy and are guaranteed to provide the desired effects of a traditional joint.


Pre-rolls are a great option for or medical clients, who may find rolling their own joints difficult for any number of reasons.


In general, pre-rolls allow you to enjoy your cannabis products without having to put so much time and energy into preparing your joints. With our high-quality pre-rolls, you can just let loose, relax and have a nice time with an expertly rolled joint.


Keep in mind, smoking marijuana inside casinos or in public is not allowed in Nevada. If you’re planning to partake in your cannabis products while out and about on the Vegas Strip — or anywhere else — consider trying some of our edibles for a more discrete experience.


You will only ever find the highest quality Cannabis products at The Dispensary NV. Plus, we always provide a clean, safe, and secure environment for you to browse and purchase the right cannabis items to suit your needs and desires.


For your convenience, we have three locations in Nevada — Las Vegas, Reno, and Henderson.


When you’re ready to make your next cannabis purchase, make sure you go home with a product that’s worth your time and money. Shop The Dispensary NV nearest you. We look forward to your visit!

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