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Recreational Weed and Driving

With recreational marijuana so new to Las Vegas, there’s a bunch to know about the laws relating to cannabis and driving. Here’s a quick legal snapshot to bring you up to speed.

Can I Drive High?

Unless you’re Paris Hilton or Khloe Kardashian you probably have enough common sense to know not to drive under the influence of any mind altering substance. But, they don’t call Las Vegas the city of sin for nothing, so for those of you who like to test your fate, we want you to know what you’re up against. First off, you could kill somebody or you could kill yourself. Don’t take that risk. Make smart decisions. You cannot drive stoned, period. If you are caught driving under the influence you will get a DUI, a hefty fine (up to $1000 plus court costs), a suspended license and possible jail time.

Can I Drive With Cannabis In the Car?

Under Nevada law, you can drive with up to one ounce of marijuana or up to ⅛ of an ounce of concentrates.

Can I bring Marijuana Across State Lines?

If you have left over weed from your Vegas vacation or you’re simply travelling out of state and want to bring some good bud with you, think again. Under Nevada state law you are prohibited from bringing flower, concentrates and edibles across state lines. Even if marijuana is legal in both states, driving across state line is where the law comes into play and makes it a federal crime. You could end up with drug trafficking charges, five or more years in federal prison and a fine up to a million dollars.

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