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Where can/can’t I legally consume marijuana in Las Vegas?

Unless you have been trapped in a cave with no wifi (#nightmare), you have probably heard that Nevada recently became the eighth state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana use. Now before you roll up a fattie while getting a lap dance, there are some laws you should be aware of if you want to stay out of hand-cuffs. Yes, you can walk into a dispensary, grab some tasty flower, edibles or concentrates and have a jolly ol’ time, but where can and can’t you consume cannabis in Las Vegas by law? Well canna lovers, we’re here to answer that.


The challenge here is that by law, you basically can’t smoke anywhere except private residences. You can smoke on your patio or porch as well but not on the sidewalks or streets. So if you’re an out-of-towner, hopefully you know somebody who knows somebody who lives here because it’s illegal to light up on the Las Vegas Strip, in a car, in a bar, in da club, in a casino, restaurant or strip joint. You can’t consume cannabis in a taxi, uber, hotel room or even at the dispensary where you purchased your goods. You heard that right, it’s a pretty frustrating situation, but don’t you fret, as Bob Marley sang “Every little thing, is gonna be alright,” and it will.


So now WTF do you do if you don’t live in Las Vegas but still want to smoke that dank Purple OG Kush you just legally purchased from The Dispensary? If you’re one of the 45 million tourists that visit Las Vegas annually your best bet is discreet consumption. Although all forms of consumption are illegal in public, edibles and vape pens offer much more discretion than bong rips and blunts. However you choose to get high, keep in mind that if you get caught consuming in public, you can receive a fine of up to $600.


The good news? In the near future (so soon we promise), weed enthusiasts and stoners will prevail. Although Senate Bill 236 that allowed the local government to permit marijuana social clubs died, there’s still hope. With dozens of marijuana lounges, dispensary crawls and smoker friendly coffee shops in the works, Las Vegas will soon be a ganja paradise.


So for now, we recommend you don’t light up a joint on the strip with the “F*** IT, IT’S VEGAS!” mentality, because you could quickly find yourself $600 in the red. Be discreet. Be patient. And soon we shall roll fatties while getting lap dances without the worry of legal repercussions.

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