Seasonal Joint Pain? There’s a Cannabis Topical for That

Ever noticed that your knees or wrists or hips get a little stiff in the cold? It’s called seasonal joint pain, and while research is limited (and weirdly contradictory), we do know that weather changes are part of the problem. And whatever the reason for it, seasonal joint pain is no fun, so instead of dwelling on […]

Too Many Holiday Treats? Here’s How Cannabis Helps Heartburn and Indigestion

If you ate your feelings during the weirdest holiday season ever, congrats – you’re human. And you’re not alone. Now, though, we’re all paying the price for all of those rich treats – and the seconds (and, ahem, thirds). If you’re dealing with digestive issues, you don’t have to just power through. Here’s how cannabis helps […]

Here’s Why You Need to Try a High-CBD Strain

We all know and love THC, but in honor of National CBD Month, we’re shining the spotlight on the second most prolific cannabinoid in the cannabis plant — CBD. It may not have the same cerebral effect as its famous sibling, but CBD has a lock on therapeutic benefits. Still, why settle for one or the other? […]

This is How Cannabis (Probably) Makes You So Productive

Sure, people may joke about the slacker stoner, but hands up if you’ve ever used cannabis to get stuff done. You’re not alone — many artists, musicians and other creatives swear by cannabis for tapping into their wells of creativity, while other folks find it helpful for focusing on the task at hand. When it comes to productivity, […]

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