Seasonal Joint Pain? There’s a Cannabis Topical for That

Ever noticed that your knees or wrists or hips get a little stiff in the cold? It’s called seasonal joint pain, and while research is limited (and weirdly contradictory), we do know that weather changes are part of the problem. And whatever the reason for it, seasonal joint pain is no fun, so instead of dwelling on the cause, let’s get to the remedy. If seasonal joint pain is a thing for you, there’s a cannabis topical that can help.


For the uninitiated, a cannabis topical is an infused product that you apply directly to the skin for localized relief. It’s a transdermal method of delivery, and your aches and pains get a double whammy of relief – the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoids as they bind to the body’s CB2 receptors, plus the therapeutic benefit of massage.

You can find a cannabis topical in cream, lotion, salve, balm, and even spray form, but application remains the same. It’s an apply-as-needed remedy, and your aching wrists, sore hips, and bum knee will only benefit from the attention. Combine targeted cannabis topical relief with these best practices to make seasonal joint pain a thing of the past:

  • Dress for the weather. Baby, when it’s cold outside, dress for it! Protect your hands with warm gloves, bundle up in that winter jacket, and keep your knees and hips toast with a base layer if it’s really chilly.
  • Drink up. There are endless benefits to staying properly hydrated, but most applicable to our topic today is the fact that mild dehydration may increase pain sensitivity. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.
  • Supplement with the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D has a big, important role in our health, and part of it relates to its effect on muscle and bone pain sensitivity. If you can’t get out in the sunshine, which gets hard during darker, colder days, supplement with a daily vitamin D. An optimal dose is 1,000 IU, and a lot of us are deficient.
  • Stay active. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise when your joints ache, but staying active actually minimizes joint pain. That’s because sedentary lifestyles perpetuate a nasty cycle – you’re sore because you aren’t moving, and you aren’t moving because you’re sore. There are approximately a zillion low-impact exercises you can find and follow online for free, and even a daily walk can make a difference. Prioritize movement, even when it’s cold. It makes a big difference.


Here’s the tl;dr – seasonal joint pain is mystifying but manageable. A cannabis topical is a great in-the-moment fix, and using it in conjunction with the tips we laid out above can make you feel much better.

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