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Does CBD Help Muscle Recovery?

If you’re hitting the gym (masked appropriately, of course) in this shiny new year, then muscle recovery will probably be on your mind in the very near future. And we have good news! CBD does indeed play a role in muscle recovery. Here’s why, and how to use it to your advantage. THE SCIENCE OF SORENESS AFTER […]

Meet the Artist Behind the Sweet Mural at The Dispensary Eastern

To Israel Sepulveda, the world is full of canvases — and they aren’t all made of canvas. His latest masterpiece? A banging mural adorning the entire lobby at The Dispensary Eastern. We caught up with Israel to talk about his art, his perspective on cannabis, and his (big) plans for the future. IT’S SACRED GEOMETRY, BRO […]

The Cannabis Pre-Roll, Unrolled

We’re all about sharing useful, accurate info about cannabis, and we like to celebrate like-minded cultivators. One of our go-tos, KYND Cannabis Company, covers all kinds of great cannabis-centric topics, including the pre-roll. It’s good stuff, and we’re cherry-picking the bits and pieces that everyone should know. Whether you’re new to cannabis or not, here’s a look at […]

5 Tips For the Cannabis Edible Newbie

You probably know all about pre-rolls, those consumer-ready joints that come ready to smoke. Hand-rolled joints have a lot going for them—discreet, disposable, easy to share—which means they’ve more than earned their place in the world of cannabis, but rolling your own isn’t something everyone wants to do. And that’s where the pre-roll comes in. But […]

Four Things to Know about Cannabis Concentrates

It’s a great time to be a cannabis fan! Legal medicinal and recreational markets continue their steady spread around the nation, which means more people than ever have access to the products of this amazing little plant. Meanwhile, cultivators continue to up the ante with the most interesting, effective and enjoyable products they can create. While flower […]

Here’s What Makes Live Resin So Special

At The Dispensary, we field a lot of questions from folks who are brand new to cannabis and those who are infinitely more experienced. It’s the latter group that usually asks about live resin cannabis concentrates, which makes perfect sense. Anyone with an interest in live resin qualifies as the kind of discerning consumer who appreciates something […]

TDNV Vendor Spotlight: KYND Cannabis Company

One of the highlights to working in a cannabis dispensary is all the amazing vendors with which we have the pleasure of working. And to shine a little light on these great companies working so hard to bring cannabis products to the masses, we’re launching a brand new vendor spotlight series. First up? KYND Cannabis Company! […]

Homemade CBD Treats to Get Through the Holidays

Let’s be real. While the holidays are typically a mix of joy and stress for most of us, 2020 is next level. Instead of parties, planning, and shopping, we’re still navigating a pandemic that has changed the way many of us work and live. Anxiety is sky-high and many people are already struggling, and the holidays can really […]

But First… Cannabutter

Cannabis-infused butter — i.e. cannabutter — takes everything up a notch. We highly recommend whipping up a batch to have on hand, then swapping out a few teaspoons in any recipes that call for regular butter. And don’t panic — you don’t need to be a chef or a cannabis connoisseur to make your very own cannabutter. All you […]

You Need This Infused Guacamole In Your Life

No one needs an excuse to eat guacamole, but we’re making it even more appealing – and just in time for Cinco de Mayo! KYND Cannabis Co, one of our favorite cultivators, dropped this cannabis-infused guac recipe last year, and it deserves all the shares. AVOCADO, THE WONDER FRUIT The humble little avocado is a veritable gold mine of […]

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