The Cannabis Pre-Roll, Unrolled

We’re all about sharing useful, accurate info about cannabis, and we like to celebrate like-minded cultivators. One of our go-tos, KYND Cannabis Company, covers all kinds of great cannabis-centric topics, including the pre-roll. It’s good stuff, and we’re cherry-picking the bits and pieces that everyone should know. Whether you’re new to cannabis or not, here’s a look at the cannabis pre-roll, unrolled (see what we did there?).

Heyyyy, Pre-Roll

If you’ve never bought a cannabis pre-roll yourself, maybe you’ve had a freebie tossed in your bag here at The Dispensary. Even if you’ve never, ever heard the term before, you can probably figure this one out – the cannabis pre-roll describes a consumer-ready joint that’s already been rolled. We know what you’re thinking, but times, they are a-changing. Legal medical and recreational markets continue to establish themselves across the country, and the language in the industry is also evolving. That’s why cannabis has become the preferred term over marijuana, and why we’re calling joints pre-rolls. Look at us, classing everything up!

Whatever you prefer to call it, this little rolled up stick of happiness has a lot going for it. Pre-rolls have long been a player in the industry, because they’re discreet, share-able, disposable, inexpensive, and fun. And if you never quite got the hang of rolling, well, problem solved.

Aren’t Pre-Rolls, Well, Junk?

Just like any industry, some people have to go and ruin a good thing. While you won’t find cannabis products made from any shady cultivators at The Dispensary, there are some who make their pre-rolls with low-quality shake or trim. It’s a bummer, because these crappy pre-rolls are ruining the reputation of an entire product category. If you’re willing to sacrifice a pre-roll for investigative purposes, slice open one end to inspect what’s inside. If you don’t see freshly ground nugs, it probably wasn’t worth smoking anyway and you’ll know to avoid this brand’s pre-rolls going forward. And if you’re more of the waste not/want not type, just pay attention to the flavor and aroma. If you suddenly stink like a campfire or that pre-roll tastes like a burned plant, well, that thing is probably full of trim.

That sucks, but don’t give up on pre-rolls entirely! Our budtenders can always recommend the good stuff, and we’ll go ahead and toot the KYND horn right now. Here’s how they describe their pre-rolls (and we can vouch):

That’s why our pre-rolls are individually rolled and weighed for consistency and reliability. It’s why we use natural, unrefined cones, and why we pack each pre-roll tightly in recyclable cardboard tubes to maintain freshness. The greater surface area of ground cannabis makes it susceptible to oxidizing, drying it faster. And that means a harsh, weak experience. Just like ground coffee will dry out much faster than coffee beans, the same is true for cannabis. The right packaging makes a big difference.”

Take it from us – all true.

And Then There’s the Infused Pre-Roll

Talk about making a good thing better… the infused pre-roll gets a little boost with a dose of same-strain cannabis oil. KYND’s infused pre-rolls have same-strain CO2 oil expertly blended with premium flower, and the result is no joke. These babies are potent, so proceed with caution. And if the idea of an infused pre-roll sounds good, ask our budtenders to steer you toward some good options, especially if you’re chasing a specific effect or flavor.

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