Cannabis for Sleep — Yay or Nay?

If we needed any proof that Americans don’t get nearly enough quality sleep, this 2016 Consumer Reports article is it. According to the piece, we spent a truly staggering $41 billion on sleep aids and remedies way back in 2015 and they projected that number to climb to $52 billion by 2020. Enter one global pandemic, and the real number is likely even higher. The point is, we can’t sleep. And we’re desperate for it, which is why so many of us are looking for help. So… cannabis to the rescue? Maybe. Here’s what to know about cannabis for sleep.


You can blame stress for our inability to get some shut-eye. Just when we’re ready to wind down, anxiety kicks in. Addressing this anxiety is actually where cannabis comes into the equation. Because while we lack hard data that cannabis can help us fall or stay asleep, we do know that people often use cannabis to help manage anxiety. If cannabis can help you relax enough to fall asleep, maybe that’s all you need. There’s also some evidence supporting the idea that the cannabinoids and terpenes continue working together in harmony (you know, the entourage effect) while we’re asleep. It’s a different experience than a pharmaceutical sleep aid, but for some people, that’s actually a good thing.

The different, of course, can be chalked up to the fact that cannabis effects are a very personal thing. What works for you may not work for someone else, which means a bit of trial and error is probably necessary. Pay attention to terpene profile too. Whether you know it or not, they play a big role in traditional bedtime rituals. From soothing lavender fragrances to chamomile teas, it’s all about the terpenes. And with the right cannabis strain and the right product — think a good indica gummy or a piece of rich, infused chocolate after dinner — you can boost that terpene exposure for even greater sedative effects.

Our recommendation is to tease out this whole cannabis-for-sleep thing with a low dose of THC. Ask a budtender here at The Dispensary for a recommendation. Then slot it into your bedtime ritual — the tea, the bath, the no-device rule — and see how it goes.

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