Meet The Dispensary Plumb Budtenders

We’re back with the latest round-up of budtenders here at The Dispensary — it’s a little thing we’re doing to spotlight each and every one of our amazing team members. We can probably all agree that it’s the people behind the counter who make all the difference — that’s what separates the good dispensary experiences from the bad. So without further ado, let’s take a minute to shine a little light on three of our Plumb teammates.



Connor is relatively new to the budtending scene in Plumb. He started in Oregon when legal cannabis markets opened and has stayed in the biz ever since. For Connor, the big draw is the industry itself and his personal affinity for cannabis. He’s a flower and concentrates kind of guy, and he says his coworkers are his favorite part of the job. We love hearing that!

You can’t talk to a budtender without asking for his perspective on where the cannabis industry is heading, and Connor is predicting a few major players to grab hold of the macro market in a big way. Still, he’s optimistic that craft and small-scale grows will find their markets too. He’s also crossing his fingers that top-shelf flower won’t end up pre-packaged, which is how it’s done in Oregon. We’re crossing our fingers on that one too.



This Chicago boy is knocking on his one-year anniversary here at The Dispensary. He found the allure of the under-developed market and industry too much to resist, and he wanted to be in on the action when the inevitable growth began. Plus, he likes vaping flower and wax!

It was a good call. As a budtender, Javier has enjoyed working closely with various cannabis products, having a front-row seat to take in the incredible growth of the biz, and the happiness and positivity of the industry as a whole.

Javier shares Connor’s prediction that the cannabis industry is heading toward large-scale commercialization nation wide and internationally soon after. He’s just as excited to see large-scale craft cannabis products coming into the market, but he’s also hopeful that home grows will become common. Plus, he’d love to see environmentally friendly packaging, and we’re totally on board for that.



Aaron is a local boy and a customer-turned-budtender. He lived close to The Dispensary when it opened, and he was a regular visitor. It occurred to him that he’d really enjoy being on the other side of the counter, and he was right. Aaron celebrated a year as a budtender in December.

And what a year it’s been! Aaron particularly enjoys sharing conversations with fellow employees and making a customer’s day by offering excellent, attentive service and offering recommendations and tips when they’re needed. There’s also something to be said for having an inside look at a dynamic new industry, and you can’t beat having access to the latest and greatest products. Aaron’s personal favorite is dabbing concentrates with his Huni Badger, but don’t ask him to choose a consistency — for him, it’s a toss up between shatters and sugars.

Looking ahead, Aaron sees a unique landscape in which cannabis is as legal and available as alcohol, but with high-end strongholds. He also sees a lack of trust for the consumer here in Nevada. Aaron thinks it’s important to advocate for stronger edibles, and he’s hopeful that bars are too far away from becoming a reality for local cannabis enthusiast.


Big thanks and appreciation to all three of these guys. Remember to look for them next time you stop by The Dispensary in Plumb — they’ll take good care of you. And check back soon for more budtender spotlights!

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